BCT Toronto - Ordering Terms

    1. Mainline
    Each business card commonly has one mainline, the company name. The remaining text is the body copy. Standard business card mainline text size is 12 point on all block type and 18 point on all script type. If point size chosen is too large to accommodate a mainline, the next smallest size to fit the line length will be used.

    2. Graphic / Logo
    All graphics shown in the catalog have an identifying graphic number. This number will be noted on each Design Idea.

    3. Design idea
    Each product that is a Design Idea will have a description that begins by listing the coordinating Design Idea Number. Some Design Ideas may have custom service charges that apply.

    4. Ink Colour
    The ink colours on each product are identified with a colour name or PMS number. PMS inks have custom service charges which apply. Colour of stock may affect ink colour. For colour choices, please refer to our Ink Colour Selection.

    5. Typestyle
    Each product has a description that identifies the Typestyles used in the sample. For typestyle choices, please refer to our Font Library.

    6. Custom Services
    Custom services are indicated on each product. Additional charges may apply. For a detailed explanation of our custom services, please refer to our Pricing Instructions.

    7. Line Numbers
    The line numbers identify the lines in a Design Idea. When ordering, please use these numbers for reference.

    8. Body Copy
    The body copy refers to all text other than the mainline. Standard business card body copy text size is 8 point on all block type and 12 point on all script type.

    9. Script Fonts
    When using script typestyles, upper/lower case is strongly suggested. All caps are usually very difficult to read. Script typestyles may also appear smaller than regular fonts of the same point size.